8-Week Weight-Loss & Body Transformation Challenge

Want to kick those cosy WINTER KILOS to the curb??
Want to build LEAN MUSCLE & change your body shape??
Want to be the FITTEST VERSION OF YOU ever??
Want to learn how to create amazing, tasty and super-healthy meals for you and your family??
Want to BOOST your energy levels & stop dragging your feet??
Want to really get your health on track in 2017 & keep it there for the very “long-term”??

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then YOU need to join our 
8-week Weight-Loss & Body Transformation Challenge!

8 weeks of UNLIMITED Small Group Personal Training Sessions 
5-hour “CLEAN EATING” Educational Seminar 

Weigh-ins & Consultations

Weekly Email & Social Media support 

24/7 support from the team at Jack Jones – we are with you every step of the way to your greatest personal success

We will give you the tools and knowledge to change your health permanently!

We will teach you how to create “new” food habits for the future &  how to incorporate movement and training into your everyday!

Join the Jack Jones team on this life-changing 8-week journey and get the results you want – we will help you find your “natural” weight and more importantly, we will teach you how to stay there!

If you believe YOUR TIME is NOW, if you are ready to change the way you eat, feel, train & look....then join our 8-week Challenge – start date Saturday the 9th of September, 2017!

Value:      8 wks Unlimited Group Training Sessions @ $378.00
                Educational Seminar & Weekly Modules @ $249.00
                Maket Tour, Cooking Class, Recipe Book & Organic Lunch Buffet @ $169.00
                Weigh-ins & Consulations @ $300.00
                24/7 support from the team @ $ priceless!
                TOTAL $1196.00 plus!!

Cost:    just 2 x monthly payments of $299.00 each
Let your NEW HEALTH journey start NOW!!  

Contact Nat Evans via email nat@jackjones.com.au to book your spot

or if you want to know more about how we can help you take charge of your health, call Nat personally on 0422 047 864 and she will make an appointment to catch up face-to-face and answer all of your questions.