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Is 2017 the year you make resolutions and actually stick with them?
Is 2017 the year you kick some serious health and fitness goals?
Is 2017 the year you change the way you do things?

After all, if you keep doing the same things over and over again, if you keep training the same way you have always trained, then honestly, you will NOT see change - all you will get is the SAME results that you've had before!

But, here's the good news - the team from Jack Jones Fitness can help you make BIG change this year - we can absolutely help you achieve your health & fitness goals, stick with your resolutions and get the results you WANT!!

If you have got the will & you are ready to really commit to doing things differently in 2017, then now is the time to join our Autumn Outdoor Bootcamp Program and really shake things up!

We are taking bookings NOW for our MARCH BOOTCAMP, so don't miss this opportunity to take your training to a whole new level and really make 2017 your year for CHANGE!

The JACK JONES OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP starts on Monday the 13th of March and runs for 4 weeks through until Friday the 7th of April!

When? Start date Monday the 13th of March

Which days? Monday & Friday mornings for 4 weeks

What time? 5.30am-6.30am

How many sessions? 8 x one hour SMALL GROUP TRAINING sessions in total

Day 1 & Day 28 Weigh-Ins PLUS sample daily menu to help you trim while you train!

Where? Jack Jones Fitness & Personal Training, 43a Crosby Road, Albion

Cost?: $149.00

Register your interest today by calling 3262 2347 or email our team jack@jackjones.com.au!