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Not only fitter and leaner, I have learnt a healthier way of eating

Before joining the Jack Jones family I had started to gain a little weight – still I convinced myself it suited me and carried on merrily.  It wasn’t until I huffed and puffed walking up the “slight” hill from our house that I thought…..this is not good, I felt like the wolf who huffed and puffed and blew the house down – except in my case there was no air to blow anything down.

As luck would have it, we live just around the corner from Jack Jones.  I thought if I make it up the hill from our house, it would be downhill all the way to the gym.  I had reservations about exercising, let alone join a gym so I entered the sliding door cautiously.  I found out I had nothing to fear as Simon was there to greet me and assured me all would be OK and booked me in for my first personal training session……that would have to be about 3 or so years now, so I guess you could say it went well.

The things I love most about being part of the “Jones” family are –

You do not have to wear the latest gym gear to feel part of the “Jones” family – acceptance of who you are is more important.

You can have a laugh and a chat – and know you are still getting the best workout you can.

You are not just a number – you are an important member of the family no matter whether you do one on one personal training or classes. 

Not only am I fitter and leaner version of me, I have also learnt from both Simon and Nat a healthier way of eating.  I may not always follow their advice and they don’t make judge you for that, they will still encourage me to make the better choices and are always open to discuss nutrition when I want to.

I have met some wonderful people by going to Jack Jones and the best part…..when I walk up the hill from our home – I know I could now huff and puff the house down.


Personal Training Client

Not the cookie cutter style that is prevalent at other gyms

My dilemma in being a shift worker was paying fees that locked you in month by month, even if you were not available to utilise the gym due to work commitments. I found that Jack Jones listened to this issue and the problem was solved.

Since being a Jack Jones member for over 5 years I have always felt welcomed, (even if my attendance is sporadic) but most importantly am able to quickly regain fitness due to the commitment of the Jack Jones trainers, and encouragement of my Jack Jones buddies.

The classes that Jack Jones offer are not the cookie cutter style that is prevalent at every other gym...boring, they offer unique, results orientated classes


Group Training Client

Jack Jones" has the answer to whatever your question is

"After several years in a conventional, run-of-the-mill gym doing the conventional things I'd reached a dead end with my training.  No more desire, no more "zing", just enduring instead of enjoying.  A quick call to "Jack Jones" fixed that. That was over five years ago and I've never looked back. My journey began with a desire to improve my fitness to a level where it wouldn't stop me from doing anything I want to do and now my strength and functional fitness is superior to what it was in my early 30s which is over 20 years ago.   With a depth of knowledge across a range of disciplines "Jack Jones" has the answer to whatever your question is.  Simon and Nat have built much more than a just a place to train, they've brought a feeling of family and belonging to an industry filled with the superficial.  From group strength and endurance training to one-on-one to yoga there's a place for everyone who wants to improve themselves in an atmosphere that makes you want to better yourself.   Here you won't be abandoned and left on your own after the initial phase; instead you'll be encouraged and challenged every step of the way. I've found that since being here I've wanted to explore a new range of training experiences and challenged myself as a result.  My techniques have been improved to minimize the risk of injury and my breadth of knowledge improved so that I can make judgment calls that in situations in other gyms can lead to disaster.  I couldn't imagine how my journey in exercise would have gone had I not come here.  More than anything "Jack Jones" is not just another gym, it's everything they aren't."


Group Training Client

Each and every group session is like having a personal trainer by your side

I have been training at Jack Jones for nearly six years. I swapped from a large chain fitness centre due to the personal training aspect with both Simon and Nat. Each and every group session is like having a personal trainer by your side.  In addition, the community spirit is incredibly supportive. Over this time I believe my fitness has grown exponentially. In addition, Nat’s experience with non-processed eating has led me to change my diet radically. I feel overall dramatically different and have changed both mine and my family’s diet for the better. I have a far greater understanding of overall health. I would never look back and believe Jack Jones has been without a doubt one of the best personal investments I have made to date.


Personal & Group Training Client

There are heaps of extra-curricular activities

I have been a regular at Jack Jones for more than five years. It has helped me to lose weight but mainly keeps me fit and healthy.  Not only is it a good group of people but there are lots of different classes for differing abilities and the exercises in classes change all the time so it is not the same thing over and over.  They also do heaps of extra-curricular activities Australia Day parties, Trivia Nights, Tough Mudders, overseas trips and more.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get fit and have some fun.


Group Training Client

Nat and Simon’s classes are fun, challenging and always interesting

I have been a regular exerciser with Jack Jones for approx 5 years. Nat and Simon’s classes are fun, challenging and always interesting. Jack Jones is a totally different concept in fitness, health and wellbeing and caters for all ages and fitness levels. The sessions are perfect if you want to improve your fitness, increase strength and muscle tone -all in a relaxed and non threatening environment.


Group Training Client

Enjoy the collaborative environment of the Jack Jones “family”

The last time I had worked out in a gym was in the early 1990’s when Aerobics was all the rage.  I had not set foot in a gym in the intervening period until Jack Jones opened in 2008.  In the "lost” years I had a busy work schedule, travelling a lot and using the excuse that I did not have time to do exercise. So what happened -  I became very unfit, gained weight and was not careful with my diet.  Having recognised the problem I embarked on a weight loss program and commenced walking which all helped me shed some kilos and built some fitness.  But it was not enough.  Enter Jack Jones!  I discussed with Simon Orton an owner and trainer at Jack Jones how I should proceed.  I commenced twice weekly Personal Training (PT) sessions with Simon giving me homework to do in my little home gym on the days I did not train.  During the PT sessions over the ensuing year I gained fitness, body strength, toned up, learnt good exercise form and felt better than I had felt for very many years. Progressively I moved to the Jack Jones circuit training sessions and eventually trained up to six days a week at the gym.  Every day was different with a combination of cardio training, strength development, spin bikes, boxing and a running class early Saturday mornings.  When I travel I now make time for exercise in the same way I make time for breakfast - it just becomes a way of life.

At Jack Jones life is not all about exercise.  Simon’s partner and co-owner Nat as well as being a trainer is a serious health foodie running classes on healthy food preparation using “raw and real food” philosophy and other healthy eating programs.  Nat is not a diet “zealot” but helps people introduce better health options into every day eating.  I don’t go a day without one of Nat’s green juices for breakfast.  The exercise and the healthy eating programs complement one another perfectly.

If you want a gym where beautiful people spend the time looking at themselves in mirrors counting their ‘Abs”, then Jack Jones is not for you.  There are not rows and rows of exercise machines with people mindlessly plugged into their music devices. Jack Jones is a gym for ordinary people of all ages, shape and sizes who want to make a difference to their lives by learning how to do the right exercise with good form, get fit and along the way benefit from learning about healthy food. It is about enjoying all this with like minded people working out together in a very collaborative environment who have become part of the Jack Jones “family”.  At 62 years of age I can thoroughly recommend Jack Jones.


Personal & Group Training Client

My fitness has improved out of sight

To date I have lost 22 kg (in 12 weeks) and my fitness has improved out of sight.

Not only do I feel better physically but I also feel a definite improvement in my mental sharpness. As the director of a busy publishing company, this mental clarity has helped me tremendously in the day-to-day running of my business. There’s been a flow-on effect within the company as well, with staff setting up their own lifestyle club.


(Executive Director) The Magazine Publishing Company, Brisbane

Strengthened our team dynamic and motivated us to stay energised

As well as the fitness benefits, I have no doubt that these sessions give us an opportunity to strengthen our team dynamic and has motivated each of us to stay energised and athletic on our approach to work.

As an employer, by offering personal training services to my staff, they know that I am committed to their overall health & well-being — an employee benefit that other employers may not offer. This has ensured that my staff retention rates remain high and this commitment is reciprocated in their attitudes and work practices.


Scanlon Printing, Brisbane

Improved staff performance and boosted morale.

It has proved to be a valuable investment in the business!

Barry & Nilsson Lawyers are a Queensland based legal firm providing specialized services to 3 distinct areas — insurance, commercial property and family law. The business employs approximately 100 people. As with many organizations that size, you can quickly lose the opportunity to connect with other people in the organization – we are all busy and ‘time poor’. The introduction of boxing training for partners and senior associates at Barry & Nilsson has been successful. Simon Orton, a director of Performax, runs sessions on our premises twice a week.

The sessions have proved challenging, but are designed so that those with differing levels of fitness can be accommodated. All participating in the program have shown improvement in their performance, levels of fitness etc. Importantly, the sessions have provided a chance to interact with colleagues in the business who you do not otherwise see for a significant period of time which in turn has improved staff performance and boosted morale. It has proved to be a valuable investment in the business!

Our involvement with Jack Jones has improved staff performance and boosted morale. 

(Partner) Barry & Nilsson Lawyers, Brisbane

Top marks to Jack Jones for giving me a new lease on life

At first I was relunctant and a bit skeptical but a friend of mine told me about this very fit young man that had helped him lose weight and who had a fully equipped gym in the back of his van!

My friend mentioned that sometimes they trained at home or met down at the local park and that this guy really had a knack for motivating people - something I had struggled with for sometime now.

So I decided to give Simon from Jack Jones a call and after explaining about his services and that I couldn't lose with his money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose - except hopefully some weight.

I'm now very happy to report that after just 2 months I've dropped over 20lbs of weight, which was more than the entire 2 years of training on my own, and enjoy much higher health and energy levels. Top marks to Jack Jones and especially Simon for giving me a new lease on life. Give Simon a go - your body will thank you for it.


Teneriffe, Brisbane

Introductory Offer: First 2 sessions for just $20. Conditions apply.