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We are not some fly-by-night, trends-focused, one-size-fits-all studio but rather, a group of dedicated Health Coaches who strive to produce the best outcomes for their very individual clients, always.

We have been running Jack Jones here in Albion for 10 years now, which in itself is a testament to what we do and how we do it - longevity and client loyalty in an ever changing Health & Fitness space, says much for the way we treat our clients and the incredible results that they continue to see.

Everything we do at Jack Jones is research-based - all of our programming is purposeful and driven by the individual goals of our clients.

We are a Movement-based studio - what does that mean? Well, you won't find rows of machines here at Jack Jones....but what you will find is a studio built for clients to move freely in and around, using their own bodies and our store of amazing Functional Training Tools including our very favourite ViPR's.

We continue to study and learn from the Masters in the Industry (Institute of Motion, PTA Global, FeelSOMA, Anatomy Trains, Functional Movement Systems) and we share our knowledge openly with our clients - our job is to empower them to understand the whats and whys of change and movement, which ultimately means incredible long-term outcomes for every one of them, because they have the tools to move forward even when they move on.

We are completely inclusive and definitely not aesthetics driven - every one is welcome at Jack Jones and there is no age limit, health limit, mobility limit or fitness limit. We love working with so many wonderfully different personalities and even more, we love that our clients respect each other fully and are kind and open and welcoming. We know that everyone is at a completely different place in their own Health & Fitness journeys and we take this into consideration in everything that we do, even when it comes to programming for our Small Group Classes.

On aesthetics - no, we don't parade around in our skimpy bits - this is our clients space and we respect them, support them and guide them towards their goals, because how we look or how we move is not the central is our clients' well-being and their needs!

Many, many of our clients come to us wanting to lose weight or build muscle, so we work with them intelligently to make this happen for the very long-term. We have clients who have lost 40kgs, 50kgs, 60kgs and they have kept it off. We have clients who have transformed their physiques completely and shredded to 10% body fat, with more muscle than you would believe. We can work with anyone who has a Health & Fitness goal and because we really know what we are doing, we can make it happen!

Introductory Offer: First 2 sessions for just $20. Conditions apply.