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Personal Training

Why is Jack Jones Personal Training Different?

All Personal Training studios claim that they are "different" and that their approach to health and fitness and training sessions, is "different".

We are not like other studios or gyms - we do not replicate training programs created by other fitness professionals and we definitely don't replicate programs from one client to another - you probably know what we mean....same machines, same sets, same reps, same/same, no change, "cookie cutter" results!

At Jack Jones, we bring "real-world" aka FUNCTIONAL activities into our training sessions - we believe in moving multi-directionally, lifting & shifting heavy objects multi-directionally (sometimes odd-positionally and sometimes unevenly), pushing & pulling multi-directionally, getting your heart-rate up variably, and doing things differently so that we train our brains as well!

We are not technology-trapped, machine-based or trends focussed, but we do strive to understand all that we can about the human body, how it needs to move and why a whole-health approach to fitness is the key.

We treat each of our clients as individuals - we listen to them, we know their names, we know their partners and kids' names and we know the favourite things they like to do.  We learn about their "health and fitness" goals and their "life" goals and we work with them to help them achieve all that they can. 

Every session with us is personal, never boring and repetitive, never clock-watching, and most importantly, ALWAYS INSPIRING & MOTIVATIONAL!

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Here is what one of our clients had to say

“To date I have lost 22 kg (in 12 weeks) and my fitness has improved out of sight. Not only do I feel better physically but I also feel a definite improvement in my mental sharpness. As the director of a busy publishing company, this mental clarity has helped me tremendously in the day-to-day running of my business. There’s been a flow-on effect within the company as well, with staff setting up their own lifestyle club.”

Alan Kirk, (Executive Director) The Magazine Publishing Company, Brisbane.

Jack Jones Personal Training offers a customised training program specifically for YOU based on your individual profile including your:

  • Age
  • Exercise history & Fitness Level
  • Medical history & concerns
  • Health & Fitness Goals and Life Goals
  • Time commitments


Introductory Offer: First 2 sessions for just $20. Conditions apply.