Personal Training and Group Fitness success stories

At first I was relunctant and a bit skeptical but a friend of mine told me about this very fit young man that had helped him lose weight and who had a fully equipped gym in the back of his van!

My friend mentioned that sometimes they trained at home or met down at the local park and that this guy really had a knack for motivating people - something I had struggled with for sometime now.

So I decided to give Simon from Jack Jones a call and after explaining about his services and that I couldn't lose with his money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose - except hopefully some weight.

I'm now very happy to report that after just 2 months I've dropped over 20lbs of weight, which was more than the entire 2 years of training on my own, and enjoy much higher health and energy levels. Top marks to Jack Jones and especially Simon for giving me a new lease on life. Give Simon a go - your body will thank you for it.

Matt Russell, Teneriffe, Brisbane

Improved staff performance and boosted morale. It has proved to be a valuable investment in the business!

Barry & Nilsson Lawyers are a Queensland based legal firm providing specialized services to 3 distinct areas — insurance, commercial property and family law. The business employs approximately 100 people. As with many organizations that size, you can quickly lose the opportunity to connect with other people in the organization – we are all busy and ‘time poor’. The introduction of boxing training for partners and senior associates at Barry & Nilsson has been successful. Simon Orton, a director of Performax, runs sessions on our premises twice a week.

The sessions have proved challenging, but are designed so that those with differing levels of fitness can be accommodated. All participating in the program have shown improvement in their performance, levels of fitness etc. Importantly, the sessions have provided a chance to interact with colleagues in the business who you do not otherwise see for a significant period of time which in turn has improved staff performance and boosted morale. It has proved to be a valuable investment in the business!

Peter Murdoch, (Partner) Barry & Nilsson Lawyers, Brisbane

As well as the fitness benefits, I have no doubt that these sessions give us an opportunity to strengthen our team dynamic and has motivated each of us to stay energised and athletic on our approach to work.

As an employer, by offering personal training services to my staff, they know that I am committed to their overall health & well-being — an employee benefit that other employers may not offer. This has ensured that my staff retention rates remain high and this commitment is reciprocated in their attitudes and work practices.

Tony Scanlon Scanlon Printing, Brisbane

To date I have lost 22 kg (in 12 weeks) and my fitness has improved out of sight.

Not only do I feel better physically but I also feel a definite improvement in my mental sharpness. As the director of a busy publishing company, this mental clarity has helped me tremendously in the day-to-day running of my business. There’s been a flow-on effect within the company as well, with staff setting up their own lifestyle club.

Alan Kirk, (Executive Director) The Magazine Publishing Company, Brisbane