Jack Jones Sessions Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5.30am Morning Glory In The Mix In The Mix Morning Glory Tough Mudder
6.30am In The Mix
7.30am Ringside
9.00am In The Mix Pedal, Punch and Crunch In The Mix
5.45pm In The Mix
6.00pm Morning Glory Ringside

Morning Glory (METCON)

Jack Jones METCON brings together High Intensity & Steady State Training in an efficient 45 minute session, where movements are full body, targeting both SPEED & STRENGTH.
Our High & Steady State Interval Sets are just that - working periods alternated with equal recovery periods, so that you can give 100% effort.
Our METCON sessions always include High Intensity Steady State work too - think Tabata-style @ 20 secs ON, 10 secs OFF!
If you are looking for improved condition, want to sculpt muscles, condition your metabolism and burn fat, then this is the session for YOU!

In the Mix

Want to really "mix it UP" then try the Jack Jones "workout of the day"!!

Our programming changes every single day of the year and each session incorporates muscle-building resistance training using body weight, hand-weights, bells, ViPR's and plates, coupled with short bursts of cardio to get you working under load. These sessions will burn maximum fat and are the ultimate whole-body "functional" workout.


This "boxing inspired" session is a cardiovascular interval training program that combines high intensity aerobic, strength, agility and stabilisation exercises with a focus on boxing techniques and combinations.

Participants use gloves and hand-pads and partner up during this rapid calorie burner that delivers an incredibly fast improvement in general endurance, an increase in overall body and core strength and works to improve hand/eye co-ordination and balance.