As a kid, I loved Movement & I loved Team sports - Dance, Bike Riding, Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Softball…you name it and I was there! But like many of you, once my Uni days came along, gone were the games & the endless hours of outdoorsy fun…oh hello there BEER & late nights! Yep, I’m not going to lie - I moved little during the next decade…the start of adult life and careers is all consuming…and my path was no different from the paths most of you have taken!

At 28, I had the first of many “wake up” moments - I was feeling incredibly unhappy with myself and even though I’d been Vegetarian my entire life (you either go one way or the other when you come from a family of Cattle Farmers and Butchers!), my nutritional intake was seriously lacking. I needed big change, so I sought out the help of a Naturopath and for the first time in that decade, I joined a gym and I started exercising. I Grape-vined & Pumped my way to what I thought was “fit” - gym-junkie, hell yeah…I was addicted and I couldn’t go a day without at least one crazy high intensity session, in fact, if I could do 3…I was in heaven! On the food front, I was loading myself up with ridiculous amounts of Tofu, centrifugally pressed fruit juice, low-fat Vegetarian food options & Skim Milk (we now know, loaded with sugar!)…this was the ‘90’s and that was the information I had! It was during this decade that I developed Vitiligo - this should have sounded major alarm bells but my GP at the time brushed it off as if it were nothing.

What came next was Business, Marriage, Baby, Divorce…oh, and the HIGH PROTEIN, COUNTING MACROS phase of my life (and the 5% body fat which is never a good thing for a woman who may want to keep having children!). I dropped the structured exercise (like so many mums and dads do) but I was walking 1-2 hours a day…& those STRESS LEVELS…out of control!

Fast-forward to my mid-30’s and I was feeling worse than I did in my late 20’s - I was on high-alert all of the time. I was chronically exhausted, I didn’t communicate well, I was anxious about the future (wow…if only I had’ve realised there is nothing at all to worry about in your 30’s!), I was irritable, I worked like a dog…day in and day out between 2 businesses…& I had a toddler in tow! I knew something was really wrong with my health, but again, my GP at the time, brushed it off - this was what was expected when you’re a MUM…apparently. Not knowing where else to turn, I reached out to a Personal Trainer and I started exercising at a gym again.

Ok, I’ll admit I have a pretty addictive nature…I love exercise, especially in a group (the TRIBE is what I crave!) and just like in my 20’s, my 30’s were no different…I couldn’t go a day without a session. This time around though, I was determined to make structured exercise stick for the rest of my life, so I did something pretty bold…I opened a gym!

Fast forward 11 years and lots of learnings & “wake up” moments along the way - I have finally found what works for my Whole Health.

I have found what keeps me FIT - not just “bodyfit” but “gutfit”, “headfit”, “fasciafit” & most importantly, “heartfit”!

I ❤ what I do, I ❤ Jack Jones and I ❤ sharing my years of experience and guiding my TRIBE to OPTIMAL HEALTH & FITNESS at any age!


I’ve always been an absolute FOODIE and I spent the first 25 years of my working life owning and running restaurants and cafes around Australia - fine dining, through to raw vegan....and everything in between! I've studied Nutrition & Cookery - 2 of the passions that light my fire -and I'm more than a dab hand in the kitchen.

At University I studied Economics and Business, so I've dabbled in Finance and along the way I embraced an exciting career adjunct in Corporate Sustainability - I created programs and initiatives that not only changed the health of workplaces, but I also helped people just like you, make small changes in their daily lives that led to seriously big, long-term personal health gains.


I have been "blessed" with a list of auto-immune conditions as long as your arm, diagnosed in 2010 at age 40, with both Coeliac Disease and Hashimoto's and most recently with Pyrrole Disorder and Leaky Gut. The Vitiligo that developed in my 20’s was the first sign of a body fighting itself, but sadly, I didn’t know, what I didn’t know, so I continued doing untold damage to myself.

I'm now 49 and after years of decades of feeling like crap (despite doing what I thought were the right things), I know first-hand the importance of fueling my body correctly during my mid-life, keeping my gut super healthy and eating for longevity - EATING REAL! Trust me, that doesn't mean no flavour...I am all about the party in my mouth when it comes to food! 

My compromised immune system is a work in progress and I have spent years experimenting, researching, connecting with Integrated Practitioners and testing everything I can to ensure that I can keep on doing what I love - guiding people just like you to long-term health & fitness!


In 2011, a workplace accident saw me layed up in hospital for 3 months with a super-bug infection, thanks to a Registrar with unwashed hands - yep, I learnt the importance of hand-washing thoroughly, the hard way! 

After 8 reconstructive surgeries, I was told that I would never regain full use of my left hand and arm. At 41, I was not going to accept that diagnosis, so I embraced a long and painful rehab, every second day with OT's or physios and working at home by myself for up to 5 hours each day to re-mobilise the left side of my body and regain use and range of motion. 

After 9 months of hard work, I was released from rehab care, with almost 100% use of my upper left side - my Doctor and her Team were thrilled with the result, but trust me, going from planned amputation to "functioning", took unwavering commitment and a super positive mindset. 

My accident changed my life - what I valued, how I worked, what I said yes to, but mostly it made me even more determined to influence as many people as I could, to dig down deep and make the life changes they needed to - I am living proof that if you take daily action, incredibly amazing results on all levels, will come your way! 


My days are devoted to my partner David and to my beautiful, determined 16 year old daughter, to researching, studying and mentoring with the World  Leaders in the Health & Fitness Industry, to the designing of our life farm, to living a more minimalist life and embracing traditional home-steading skills, to supporting local and wider community endeavours & enterprises and of course, to creating & testing new recipe ideas and movement & health practices to share with my family of "jonesers"!


I founded Jack Jones in 2008 because I was addicted to exercise and to be honest, I felt there was a gap in the market in Brisbane - I wanted to create a very personal training space that was functionally-based, completely inclusive and focused on whole health, client-specific fitness and happiness, rather than on looks, size, competition and instant gratification. This was the kind of gym I wanted to go to - I couldn’t find one, so I created it!


Given my stage in life, I completely understand the pressures each and every one of you face on a daily basis - the long hours at work, the mortgage and rent payments hanging over your heads, the endless school & family commitments, the struggle to cook meals at home, the difficulty to squeeze in some "YOU" time and make exercise happen.  I get this, because this is the fast-paced, crazy, over-full life that we all live or have lived in my case, and I know how stressful it is!

After a decade of Coaching hundreds and hundreds of clients, all living with "buckets" full of stress, I know how to make change happen - I am a habit change specialist and I get results. How? Because I get to know you - from our very first conversation, I want to understand what makes you tick, what lights your fire and why you want change. No matter how small, big or CRAZY your goals, we will work together to make a plan that is manageable, do-able and gets you where you want to be.

I can help you live the life you deserve

I can help you optimise your Health & Fitness

Please call me today and let's MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!

0422 047 864!