We are not some fly-by-night, trends-focused, #nopainnogain, one-size-fits-all studio, nor are we "20-something", quickie-certified #fitspos with no real-world experience or real-world empathy.



We take an holistic approach to health and we go beyond the basics of just exercise programming - we address the very personal physical and environmental factors affecting our clients, so that they can get the results they want, faster and more efficiently.

Yes, we always prioritise getting our clients moving (and loving it!), but we also guide them to make healthier choices and establish healthy behaviours and self-care strategies outside the studio, so that they can lose weight, transform their bodies and realise the healthiest, fittest and happiest versions of themselves....ever!



We coach REAL PEOPLE, with REAL BODIES, who live REAL LIVES - there is no age limit, health limit, mobility limit or fitness limit here at Jack Jones.

It does not matter where you are at on your health and fitness journey – 20 or 30-something, stay-at-home Mum, Corporate Exec, High School Athlete, High School Novice, Weekend Warrior, Mid-life Mews-er or Retiree, we've got you covered!

We are REAL PEOPLE - yes, we are highly educated fitness professionals who know how to guide clients to change, but we are also juggling life with partners and children and aging parents and mortgages and REAL responsibilities, just like you!

We are not aesthetics driven and you'll never see us or our crew parading around in our skimpy bits – no, this is not the Ken & Barbie show...and we are not another stereotypical gym!




We are Functional Movement Specialists a.k.a REAL MOVEMENT! 

What does that mean? Well, you won't find rows of ergos, air-dynes and muscle-isolating machines here at Jack Jones, nor will you find "same old same", repetitive exercises.

What you will find is a studio built for clients to move freely in and around, using their own bodies and our store of tools - ViPR's, sandbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, balls, reaction systems, bands, cables, Waveblades & Self-Myofascial Release kits.

Daily life and sport demands are reactive, so we'll coach you for this specific variability - we will get you moving intelligently and multi-directionally, with and without loads. Yes, you'll definitely get stronger, more powerful, heart fit, leaner and more agile, but our programming methods will also train you for your very REAL LIFE, so you'll be able to keep moving well....forever!



We are foodies from way back, studying nutrition and cookery along the way, as well owning cafes and restaurants around Australia! 

We believe in HEALTY EATING over diet restriction and we do not subscribe to any dogmas - we will guide you towards REAL FOOD choices that are super nutritious, easy to put together and easy to maintain.

We are super-skilled in the kitchen and we run Cooking Classes monthly, here at Jack Jones - we will show you how to get REAL FOOD on your plate at every meal - no fuss, no stress, no hours in the kitchen....just super-fast, family-friendly recipes that tick all the boxes!

We also stock a range of our own REAL FOOD retail products including Cold-pressed juice, Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Broth-based Soups, Kale Chips, Grain-Free Bakes and Seedy Crackers - we support your journey on every level!


We have clients who have lost 40kgs, 50kgs, 60kgs and they have kept it off, for years.

We have clients who have transformed their physiques completely and shredded to 10% - 15% body fat - all this is in just 8 weeks with us, after training consistently elsewhere for years and never seeing the results they really wanted!

Why? Because we listened to their stories and we listened to what they really wanted and what they were prepared to do to get there!

We do not prescribe "cookie-cutter" exercise and meal plans - YOU ARE UNIQUE AND YOUR NEEDS ARE UNIQUE!

We get REAL RESULTS because we discover your "WHY" so that we can deliver the right "HOW"!