Am I fit enough?

All of our Small Group Training sessions are fully inclusive and movements can be regressed or progressed, so yes, you are fit enough! However, before you start out, we'll take some time to get to know you a little better (you will need to complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire) so that we can guide you to the session styles that are going to work best for you, and help you achieve your very personal Health & Fitness goals. 

The beauty of our in-house programming is that we can cater for everyone - we don't bang out choreographed routines that discriminate, rather we acknowledge that each and everyone one of our clients is unique and their needs, abilities and skill levels will differ accordingly.

All of our 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions are programmed specifically for that individual client - no "cookie cutter" here! So again, yes, you are fit enough, because your session is all about you and we will cater for your needs, right now!


Why should I use a personal trainer or health coach?

Did you know that up to 87% of people who join a gym never return to that gym after the first visit?  And then within 5 months, 80% of that 13% quit?

Connecting with a professional Personal Trainer & Certified Health Coach means you'll have a Guide by your Side, every step of the way.  Whatever our endeavours in life, we all need support, coaching and mentoring, and Health and Fitness is no different.  We will work with you to ensure that you absolutely achieve your self-determined goals - we are Habit Change & Health and Fitness experts and we get results!


Isn't personal training expensive?

We are a Team of dedicated Health professionals with years of experience and International qualifications under our belts - we are forward thinking and move ahead of the pack, consistently. Not only are we Movement specialists, but we are CHANGE experts, Nutrition guides, Fascial Therapists, Yoga Instructors and certified Health Coaches.

Given our wealth of knowledge and our absolute passion for helping people, no, our personal training sessions are not expensive.  We don't just mindlessly run our clients through sets and reps in the vain hope that they will see change - we coach each and every one of our clients on all areas of Health and Fitness and we share with them the knowledge and skills they need for an active, adventurous and health-full life.  If you have a GOAL, we will MAKE IT HAPPEN....PRICELESS!


How does it all work at Jack Jones?

Jack Jones offers both Timetabled Small Group Training and Private Coaching Sessions.

To join our Group Training Sessions, you can go straight to our Timetable and sign-up on-line for the time-slots that you want to come along to.

To pay for your sessions, we recommend that you start with our discounted Introductory Offer - your first month of Unlimited Group Sessions for just $129.00. After that, you can choose which payment option works best for you (see Membership and Pricing information below).

For all Group Sessions, class sizes are limited to 12-16 people, so it is important to book your spots early. However, if you do get the urge to drop in to a class at the last minute for the first time, we will definitely accommodate you - please arrive here at our studio 15 minutes before the session start time so that we can organise a little paperwork and have a chat with you before you join in.

For Private Coaching Sessions, please contact our Team directly so that we can arrange an initial face-to-face meeting to discuss your needs and how we can support you. It’s really important that we chat with you personally and that you get to meet our team too! You can reach us via our email or mobile 0422047864.


How can I book a spot at a Group Training Session?

You can book on-line via our Timetable or you can contact our Team directly and we'll work out what the best-fit sessions are going to be for you!


About our Small Group Training Sessions?

All of our Group Sessions are programmed with a strong emphasis on functional movement, interval training and our belief in "movement exposure" which means training your body to move efficiently across all planes of motion - forwards, backwards, side-to-side, twisting, rotating & turning, jumping and balancing.

Unlike other Group Training Programs out there that are park-based or have aggressive time-based performance targets or non-stop "cortisol" heightening/stress loading outcomes, our Sessions are absolutely inclusive and provide an exercise modality for all participants, at all levels of fitness, in a completely non-threatening, welcoming and personal environment - we want you to feel at home from the moment you walk in the door!

We keep our numbers small at each Session so that our trainers can give as much attention as needed to each and every participant - forget a mass of bodies & no-one knowing your name. We seriously put the "personal" into Training and make sure that we get to know you, what you like, what you love, what you may not be fond of and what really makes you tick. That way, we can ensure that you get what you need at each and every session.


What type of exercise do the Group Training Sessions involve?

Our sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration and our programming ensures that you are exposed to movement across all planes, preparing you for whatever life is going to throw your way - this is FUNCTIONAL TRAINING at it's best!

At all of our sessions, you will be exposed to a variety of exercises, using your body the way it is meant to be used. Because we program in-house and really know our clients, we have the ability to scale the load and intensity of the exercises performed and to offer substitutions and appropriate regressions and progressions as needed.

Jack Jones is not machine-based - all of our Sessions are driven by our belief in exposing individuals to lots of different movements - please note, our Sessions can incorporate the use of kettlebells, dumbbells, ViPR's, reaction systems, sandbells, balls, balloons, hoops and BIG TIME FUN!


Am I fit enough to attend the Group Training Sessions?

We work with clients at all levels of fitness, from those new to exercise right through to those training for elite athletic competitions. You will be motivated and encouraged based on your current level of fitness and all that we ask is that you give your best effort at each and every training session.

All of our Group Training Sessions are inclusive which means we work with people at all levels of fitness and design our sessions to allow attendees to go at their own pace. Where there are health concerns, injuries or issues, we are more than happy to give alternative instructions and accommodate as best we can, as long as there are no contraindications to participating in the session.


Do I need some minimum level of fitness?

As long as there are no medical contraindications to exercise, no....let's just get you started! We will chat at length with you about your current health and fitness and we will tailor our sessions to your ability and your level of fitness.


How hard are the Group Training Sessions?

We're not going to lie - our sessions are designed to get you moving like you've never moved before! That's why we see incredible results for all of the clients who stick with us. In saying that, all of our classes are structured so that we are working with you to build a strong foundation to the movements we expose you to and we ensure that you are working at your own pace. We assess you from session to session and we will be honest in letting you know if you need to take it easy or whether you can go move a little faster or move with more load. We also check in with you before the start of each session to ensure you are ready to move on that particular day and at what intensity you are ready to work - we know that you're going to feel different from one day to the next, and this will mean that the pace at which you train and the loads that you lift are going to be different from session to session. This is particularly true for woman and we will explain why when you start training with us.


What type of results can I expect to see from attending Group Sessions or Private Coaching Sessions at Jack Jones?

If you seriously address your nutrition (yes, we will be by your side!) and you commit to a minimum of 3 x 45 minute Group Training Sessions each week or 3 x 30 minute Private Coaching Sessions each week (coupled with physical activity outside the studio), you can expect to see a marked improvement in strength, endurance, power, mobility and physique within your first 8 weeks with us.

If you stick with us and our holistic guidelines, you will define your abs, tighten your butt and thighs, sculpt your arms and legs, strengthen your back, improve your flexibility and posture....and overall, build a longer, leaner and much, much stronger body! We have worked with clients who have lost 10kgs, 20kgs, 30kgs, 40kgs, 50kgs - and they have all kept it off because we share with them the tools for long-term success!


What do I need to bring to sessions?

You need to wear comfortable work-out gear to all sessions - there's definitely no fashion on the field here at Jack Jones, so be yourself! We are a barefoot studio, so you have the option to wear shoes or come without - we'll share lots of scientific evidence with you around why training barefoot is the BOMB!

You also need to bring along a towel and full water bottle to every session - we do provide filtered water stations so that you can top up as needed during your session.


Group Training Session Memberships and Pricing

All of our new clients are more than welcome to take advantage of our Special Introductory Offer - your first month of Unlimited Sessions for just $129.00.

After that, we offer a number of different pricing options because we understand how busy you all are and how everyone needs a little more flexibility these days with gym memberships. Basically, we offer pre-paid packs of sessions or you can choose to pay for a month of sessions at a time.

Our packs of sessions have longer "use-by" dates and are great if you are doing other training or physical activity and just want to supplement that movement with a session or two weekly here at Jack Jones. We encourage family members to share packs of sessions rather than fork out loads of $'s to cover a different type of membership for each family member.

With our monthly payment options, you can choose from 8, 12 or Unlimited session attendances in a month - the more sessions you commit to and pay for in advance, the cheaper it gets.

All of our payment options are contract free, which means you can cancel or change up your option at the end of your pre-paid period.

To get started today, you can simply purchase a membership option on-line and your credit or debit card will automatically be debited. Plugging into a recurring payment is usually a great way to motivate you in becoming consistent with attending structured training sessions and we all know that consistency is absolutely the key to success on any level!

Of course, we do take payments via direct transfer to our bank account - if this option work best for you, just let us know and we will provide the necessary details for you.

View all Group Training pricing options.


If I am paying a monthly recurring Group Training membership, how do I change my payments?

You can cancel or change up your payment option at any time as long as you give us at least 14 days notice before renewal, so that we have time to make the changes in our system before your next payment is drawn down. The best way to let us know that you want to do this is to email us.

Unfortunately, once a debit has been processed, it cannot be refunded.


Do you have a discount for law enforcement, emergency services & military personnel?

Yes, we offer a 15% discount for serving law enforcement, emergency services & military personnel and their partners. We believe in rewarding our forces heroes and it is our way of saying thank you for your efforts in keeping our Country and local community safe.


Do you have a student discount?

Yes, we offer the following Student discount:

  • Full-time High School & University Students - 10-pack of Group Training Sessions for $120.00 (discount of $60.00 on our full-paid adult rate)


Are your Group Training Sessions worth it?

Of course we will say yes, but to be honest, like everything else in this life, you will only reap the rewards you want from consistent action, which means you need to keep showing up and participating for change to happen.

If you give each and every session your all, so that you can walk away knowing that you did your best given your readiness to train on that day, then absolutely, you will see the changes you want (on all levels), which means our sessions are more than worth it!

Besides, we have the most amazing community of clients & Coaches who are going to welcome you and make you feel at home - they will inspire you, enthrall you and entertain you....again, so very worth it!


What about Nutrition?

Moving is critical for so many reasons, and that's what we want for everyone, every day! But if you are serious about losing weight, maintaining weight or changing your body composition, then you need to understand and accept that structured exercise is only a small part of the puzzle - "real" nutrition guidance is key!

We like to embrace the 80:20 rule and we absolutely believe that physical transformation is driven 80% by what you eat and drink. Please do not expect to see change if you are not willing to address your current nutritional intake and begin taking daily consistent action.

To help you understand what you are consuming daily and what "healthy" eating and "real" nutrition looks like, we will provide a complimentary half- hour food diary analysis during your second month with us - to book your private 1-on-1 session, you just need to email us in your 4th week and we will schedule it in!


I need help with programming my own training sessions at home?

We are more than happy to work with you to craft a number of different training programs for you to use at home, based on your fitness goals and your current physical aptitude. We will provide detailed instructions on each movement exposure in a one-on-one session format, so you know what to do and why.

To book a one hour Consultation dedicated to home programming, just email our team. Cost is $100.00 for each one hour session and we do recommend at least two sessions to get you started with a sound knowledge of the foundations you need to understand before you work on your own.


I am injured or I have a health issue - can I still train?

Depending on the severity of your injury or health issue, we are happy for you to continue training as long as your Doctor, Physio or supervising Medical Practitioner has approved it - if you do have flu or cold symptoms, we would prefer that you stay at home and rest up, rather than add more external stress to your immune system.

We can modify most movements programmed within our Group Sessions so if you do want to come along, you just need to make sure that you let us know before you attend the session so that we can plan accordingly and ensure that you get the very best of our attention without limiting our ability to coach the rest of the group.


How do I keep up to date with what's going on at Jack Jones Fitness?

Daily, stay up to date with all things Jack Jones via our Facebook updates.

Monthly, we send out a Newsletter via email packed full of news, recipe ideas, transformation testimonials and much, much more! Once you start sessions with us, we will automatically subscribe you to our Newsletter distribution list - you can opt out at any time.